Digital engineering

We use digital engineering to deliver optimised and enhanced engineering solutions across all our projects.

Our capabilities span a wide range of digital pillars and enable us to solve complex and technical issues with accurate data. This means that we can produce detailed methodologies for construction, and simulate outcomes before arriving on site.

We continually look for ways to improve workflows and outputs, adding value for clients and projects across all of the sectors that we operate in.

Being early adopters of the ISO 19650-2 BSI Kitemark Accreditation has enabled us to effectively manage our information digitally across all of our sites, streamlining design delivery in a digital collaborative environment and increasing the control over the quality of our operations and handover activities.

Digital Engineering

Digital construction

Our extensive range of interconnected digital tools and technologies enable us to manage our workforce, complete inspections, manage our supply chain and track, automate, manage, approve, and utilise the data we produce throughout the design and construction lifecycle.

Our common data environment (CDE) allows us to create structured information that can be stored and analysed. Project documentation is available to access and manage from anywhere - meaning that everyone has the most up-to-date information whether out on site, in offices, or away from the project.

Workforce management software streamlines our site on-boarding process and gives us visibility of our workforce in real-time.

The connected systems and automated processes we use enable us to work effectively and efficiently, providing us with validated data to make informed strategic business decisions.

Digital construction