Our Directors are responsible for ensuring that we run our business responsibly and in a sustainable manner, in the best long-term interests of all our stakeholders.

Our business is founded on an all-weather model that combines long-term programmes of work and shorter-term individual contracts. This enables us to resist fluctuations in the economy and readily adapt to market trends. We create value for our clients through the actions and attributes of our people, all of which
are based on the humanistic principles set out in the VINCI manifesto. Our business model and our values provide the framework within which our decision-making takes place.

To continue to be successful, we recognise the need to remain at the forefront of setting new standards for the delivery and operation of the built environment. These standards will reflect the carbon agenda, our social responsibility, our commitment to employee engagement and the highest standards of health and safety, certainty of cost, value for money and customer satisfaction.

To deliver these new standards of performance, we will continue to invest in research, development and innovation.