DLR 3-car Capacity Enhancement

DLR 3-car Capacity Enhancement

Taylor Woodrow’s programme increased the capacity of the DLR network to operate with an additional carriage to accommodate increasing passenger numbers in greater comfort and to provide an efficient key transport link to the 2012 Olympic Games.

The works for DLR 3-Car included:

  • Adaptations to 23 existing stations
  • Rebuilding two stations, including construction of a new station to the east of South Quay Station and demolition of the existing station.
  • Alterations and strengthening to approximately 70 bridges and viaducts.
  • Construction of new viaducts to provide grade separation of the junction
  • Modifications, re-alignment and re-grading of permanent-way railway tracks.
  • Modifications to traction electrical systems.

A major feature of the programme was the intense and extensive stakeholder management successfully undertaken by the project team.