St Austell project joins campaign to highlight civil engineering

An energy sector project in Cornwall has joined a campaign to promote civil engineering.

This is Civil Engineering has been developed by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), and was launched in association with VINCI Environment UK at the Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre (CERC) project site near St. Austell.

The campaign demonstrates civil engineering to the general public using promotional materials at sites, during and after construction work.

Banners and signboards feature QR codes which direct passers-by to a page on the ICE website which explains the purpose of civil engineering and what civil engineers do.

Construction Manager Richard Watkins said: The Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre is a large scale infrastructure project that will play a crucial role in disposing of Cornwalls residual waste. We are proud of the work being done here and being part of this new campaign by the Institution of Civil Engineers is a privilege. It highlights what civil engineering is, communicating to the public and young budding engineers the important work that is taking place and the wide variety of projects that fall under the same banner of civil engineering.

Scheduled for completion in 2016, the centre will deal with up to 240,000 tonnes of non-recycled residual waste every year, diverting this waste from costly landfill.

Main contractor VINCI Environment UK is an incorporated company, equally owned by VINCI Environnement and VINCI Construction UK (through its civil engineering division Taylor Woodrow.