Our Meridian Water Team Supports Learning for Life

The VINCI UK Foundation is funded by VINCI businesses across the UK and provides grants each year to support charities in their efforts to alleviate social exclusion and strengthen communities.

In 2021 a record number of grants have been awarded and this includes 5,000 to The Learning for Life Charity (LFLC), working in partnership with West Lea School to provide quality work experience.
The application was supported by Taylor Woodrows Meridian Water team and is a supported business for young people with SEND.

All Works of Life will provide commercial services including packing, light assembly, labelling, printing, embroidery, signage, furniture upcycling and restoration of mobility equipment and disability aids. This will give employment, on-the-job skills training, work experience and social inclusion for those who face barriers into mainstream employment, and will be delivered alongside educational and life skills training to help service users overcome barriers to mainstream employment and enable them to lead as independent a life as possible outside of the workplace.

An amazing team of qualified job coaches and tutors from West Lea School will individually tailor the courses to take into account the learners ability and the outcomes to be achieved and deliver these in the Learning for Life Centre. The project will scale-up the LFLCs already successful up-cycling social enterprise, with key partners and clients already identified and fully committed to making this project a success.

Azad Ioannou, LFLC Manager said: This centre will provide considerable skills and training opportunities within the warehouse industry (logistics, operatives and potentially engineers, forklift drivers etc.). At least 50% of the paid workforce will have a disability of some kind, and there will be progression pathways established for those ready to transition into the wider world of work. It will act as a centre of excellence and good practice for quality work experience and training and ultimately improve job prospects.

The unique character of our project is that we are seeking to bring together the fragmented and fractured communities around Enfield in a common place that is facilitated by those who are otherwise the most excluded - those disadvantaged by special needs, disability, poverty, long-term unemployment, social and educational exclusion.

The 5,000 grant will contribute towards purchasing the equipment required for the workshop and in addition to the funds, a member of Taylor Woodrows Meridian Water team will act as a sponsor and dedicate some of their time and skills to help the project over the next year.