Taylor Woodrow and VINCI Facilities Help Develop CIH’s Value Toolkit

Construction Innovation Hub’s (CIH) Value Toolkit has been created to transform decision-making across the investment lifecycle of a project, programme or portfolio into a structured approach.

It empowers clients and policy makers to work with their supply chains to make informed, value-based decisions which will ultimately contribute to the local community and impact the environment in a positive way.

The toolkit has five interlinked streams: Value Definition, Client Approach, Risk, Measurement & Evaluation and Appointments. These streams provide a transparent and rigorous process which will lead to better-informed decisions being made more quickly.

Taylor Woodrow and VINCI Facilities are proud to have been part of the 200+ strong team of experts across government and industry who contributed their expertise and knowledge in developing the Value Toolkit.

It is the starting point for a more sustainable construction industry which places focus on the clients' needs and societal aspirations.

Read more about Construction Innovation Hub’s Value Toolkit here: https://bit.ly/3eCpJMC