World Environment Day: Beat Air Pollution

#BeatAirPollution is the theme for World Environment Day 2019 and is a call to action to combat one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time.

Chosen by this years host, China, the theme invites us all to consider how we can make changes in our everyday lives to reduce the amount of air pollution we produce, and thwart its contribution to global warming and effects on our own health.

We are continually working to reduce emissions though methods such as:
Working with supply chain to develop state-of-the-art hybrid energy solutions for our clients
Recycling as many materials as possible across our sites
Making use of solar power and power cubes wherever possible
Promoting Green Travel Plans and facilitating the use of electric vehicles within our teams

Even small changes such as car sharing and making use of public transport can make a big difference. Working together we can help #BeatAirPollution.