Women in Taylor Woodrow Start Planning for 2017

We have a Women in Taylor Woodrow steering group as part of our commitment to improving gender balance in the industry.

We meet bi-monthly to share news, plan our involvement in initiatives and agree actions to maintain progress as a group. The latest meeting saw us put together our V-MOST (Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics) for 2017 to give us a targeted plan for achieving our vision of an inclusive environment that values individuality, in which people can flourish.

The tactics to deliver our plan include things like:
- Producing a communications plan to improve our internal and external presence
- Encouraging graduates to be proactive STEM Ambassadors to influence the next generation

Balanced teams lead to improved performance. We have run a series of initiatives to promote and support the women in Taylor Woodrow so-far, such as networking events, taking part in National Women in Engineering Day, and promoting the women in our business through award submissions. Our plan for 2017 will continue to develop this work to help us achieve our vision.