Howard Sayers wins 2016 Harding Prize

Congratulations to Howard Sayers, Sub Agent at the Victoria Station Upgrade, for winning the British Tunnelling Societys 2016 Harding Prize.

The annual Harding Prize competition is named in honour of Sir Harold Harding, the founder Chairman of the British Tunnelling Society (BTS) and is open to engineers aged 33 or under to submit an original paper relating to any aspect of tunnelling which they consider of interest to the tunnelling industry.

Howard presented his paper on the fully integrated temporary and permanent works design for the successful construction of the projects District and Circle lines underpass at the Institution of Civil Engineers on 21st April.

Finalists included Jeff Chan, an Engineer for MTR, who flew in that morning to present his paper on the use of ground freezing in Hong Kong as part of their underground network expansion; and Eoin Murphy who works for designer OTB and presented his paper on the reconstruction of Farnworth Tunnels for Network Rail.

Congratulations to Howard for winning this prestigious award.